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Pain's PPP: Preparation...Planning...Purpose

Here's a twist on PPP!!! It's not a loan or a quick way to accomplish your goals. It is what's needed to accomplish fulfillment that leads to purpose. While writing my book that is due to be released on August 12, 2022 (Seven: A Pathway to Purpose ), I was reminded about growing up and trying to figure out why there was so much pain. Pain from family secrets. Pain from feelings of hurt, feeling left out and betrayal. Or, just pain from trying to understand, "why me?". But, as I got older and started to walk in what I believe I AM called to do, I realized that my pain was part of my preparation. I had to learn from every violation, attack and words that spoke death in order to learn how to pick myself up. Every scar and wound were preparation! I had to make the choice to move towards preparing for my future.

Once I was prepared through pain and then education, prayer and receiving counsel, I was strong enough to go into the Planning Phase of life. The planning phase aligns with preparation, because it is still a learning phase. The older I get, the more I understand that the Planning phase in life, after pain is ongoing. It never ends... Plans change a lot. There were times that I thought, "Oh, THIS IS IT!" and then a few months later there were obstacles that stopped my plans. Time passes, another plan arrives, obstacles stop those plans and the cycle continued. But the difference each time is that I continued to learn. I learned what worked and I learned to get rid of things that didn’t. I learned that timing means everything when God gives vision. Most of all, I’ve learned that God doesn’t give you anything that you are not prepared for! Too many people get caught up with, “But, God gave me a vision!” and don’t spend enough time with understanding the preparation to the planning phase. It is a process…

Purpose comes out of the preparation and planning! There was a lot of shedding of myself in the process, because I had to learn that even though it’s my purpose is not about me. Purpose is ALWAYS about the greater good! This is why there are so many entertainers and athletes that are super talented, but still feel unfulfilled, because they never took the time to find their purpose. They only prepared and planned for talent and then became stuck trying to continue talent instead of purpose. I’m still learning and I know now that when we do the work to create a legacy behind helping others our purpose is fulfilled. Then and ONLY then will our destinies prevail… #victoryspeaks #purpose

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