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My Wellness Journey #PURPOSE

This weekend was exhausting organizing my herbs and making cheat sheets (As you can see I LOVE my cheat sheets) to add to the ones that I bought to get prepared for vending/events and putting my products in stores, so I didn't get a chance to post my Sunday Testimony. However, the work I did this weekend is a part of it. My wellness journey started with herbal support for my hormones. After almost dying (3) times from allergic reactions to the flu shot and (2) different antibiotics, I added immunity boosters to my herbal support. In addition, I added inflammation support because I'm arthritic in my neck, back, hip, and knees. Since then, I've been managing pretty well with a healthy sense of work-life balance. I still do my physicals and get yearly bloodwork and I get my mammograms, however, I've learned to manage my chronic sinuses/allergies and pain through herbal support on my own. Now I have a business helping others with mental wellness, hormone support, and immunity-boosting. God is Good!

The moral of the story is: No matter what happens in life, you don't have to settle! I couldn't control the things that happened to me regarding the allergies/sinus issues, arthritis, and hormones but I've been able to control myself and how I handle the good and the bad for a healthy work/life balance. In addition, I studied to gain knowledge about myself and the things that were challenging me and now I do businesses to help others in their wellness journeys. Since ONE size does not fit all, I bought a variety of herbs for mental wellness, immunity, and hormone support. I didn't realize until this weekend that I have collected over (60) herbs that I've been working with since 2019 when I became certified in Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. It has been a joy helping others and I'm looking forward to continuing the wellness journey with myself and all of my clients.

PSA: I talk about gaining control of self in my upcoming book: Seven, A Pathway to Purpose. Although my journey may not be others' journeys, it will empower those who read it to find purpose in life for themselves. Go to to subscribe for updates on how to get the book when it is released on August 12, 2022 or like us at Wholistic Wellness!

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