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Reconciling with Faith, Hope, & Knowledge...

Mental Wellness Reconciliation, Inc DBA Reconciliation Movement is a non-profit organization that recognizes trauma as a driving force in criminal behaviors, unruliness, and division of families.  We are always looking for resources to help people with mental health resources in addition to creating community platforms with other non-profits, churches, and other organizations to provide HOPE for our future!

Reconciliation Movement provides community outreach through assessing client risks and needs for community partners, low-income sliding-fee scale and free services for mental health and substance abuse recovery, and education/programs to promote trauma awareness.  

It is our mission to assist in Reconciling with Faith, Hope, Knowledge, and Unity in combating the “Hood Mentality”.  The “Hood Mentality” is a term we use to identify common reactions to trauma that can lead to poor relationships, lack of stability, and criminal behaviors.  Join us in our fight for “Hood Recovery” to promote healing, safety, and reconciliation from traumatic events.


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Our Services


Trauma Awareness

We provide free services to non-profits, schools, and churches to assist with Identifying Risks and Needs of the people they serve. 


We facilitate events to provide education, entertainment, and resources for trauma recovery.


Prison Reform

As a Chaplain, Dr. Benton developed a Cognitive Behavioral Trauma-Focused Theory to assist in the efforts of prison reform and to reduce recidivism.  


Human Trafficking Victims

Dr. Benton developed a program specifically for victims of sex trafficking called FREE. We are always looking to collaborate with other human trafficking organizations by providing  assistance in mental wellness. 

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