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Allergies Gone Wild

Good Morning

Another busy weekend because of Father's Day! Didn't get to do my Sunday Testimony, but I woke up the last two mornings with allergy issues. After the family went to the cemetery yesterday, the fresh-cut grass sent my allergies to the roof. So, I got up this morning, looked in my herb book, and made a natural antihistamine. Took a couple of sips and I feel better already! Praise God!

I remember when I first moved to GA and started having Sinus issues. A doctor from NY told me that I needed to increase antioxidants and get some rest. He told me that I should take an antihistamine daily to keep it in my system and because I don't like taking pills, that didn't happen. But, I started paying attention to my body and noticed that my sinuses only bothered me when the weather changed and when it rained, so that was the only time I took them. I increased my antioxidants (cranberry juice and pomegranate juice and I haven't had a sinus issue since). However, allergies are different. I try my best to avoid outside during certain seasons, but it can't always be avoided.

The Moral of the Story is:

Change is a part of life! My body reacted to a new environment when I moved to GA in 1997. I had to change the way I did things in order to be well. Wellness is more than diet, rest, and exercise. It is paying attention to your body, your mind, and how well you are doing in day-to-day life. Whenever something is off, you can't just chop it up to a bad day! Sometimes your spiritual health is off! It's good to go to the doctor and get checked out, but you have to check yourself too! There are no magic pills, diet, or exercise to make you completely well. However, there is a mindset that goes along with it! I could be popping pills every day as the doctor told me, but I paid attention to my body during seasons and created a healthier choice and regimen to avoid sinusitis. I make a daily tea now packed with antioxidants that have kept my sinus issues dormitory for the last three years. #WontHeDoIt

There are seasons in life as long as we breathe and it's never meant for things to stay the same. I believe that's why the Bible tells us to not be content in anything on this earth (1 Timothy 6:6-12). The same way that our bodies change and adapt to food, environment, and age, is the same way that we should evolve out of old ways, traditions, and beliefs that keep us stuck, stagnant, and sick. Wellness is a state of mind and the rest will follow! Dr. B


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