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The 7 LIFE Series started with a Theory from the Book SEVEN: A Pathway to Purpose. The Theory is based on spiritual causes for human behaviors. The 7 LIFE represents being spiritually aware with a FREE mentality! Free from allowing Fear, Anger, & Doubt to dictate your life and not giving into worldly traps & desires. #7LIFE is a part of the Reconciliation Movement to help people gain Faith, Hope, & Knowledge in hard times & crisis. The numbers 8*12*3*16 are the birthdates of Dr. Nicole N. Benton's mother and grandmother, in which she dedicated the book for teaching her about religion & spirituality growing up. Help us continue Trauma Awareness, Prison Reform, and Uplift Victims of Human Trafficking to live a life of mental freedom and be able to thrive in society! Reconciliation Movement is a non-profit rooted in Mental Wellness to help people through traumatic situations. Join us! Support at #7LIFE #7lifepurpose #reconciliationmovement #wholisticwellness #mentalhealth #holistichealth #spirituality BE ABOUT THAT #7LIFE Get Your Book & T-Shirt TODAY!

7 Life T-Shirt

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