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Seven Life Book Series - Theory, Testimony, Self Help

Seven LIFE is Living Independently For Excellence, Free of Fear, Anger, and Doubt to live and walk in purpose.

Mental Health Counseling  & Life Coaching

As a mental health practitioner,  I found the need for a more holistic approach to preventing and healing  serious mental health issues.

Wellness Education

We offer online and in person education for individuals, couples, families, businesses and organizations.  The topics are all related to social services and mental health.

Life Coaching, Holistic Health, Workshops

Our Community Initiatives

Trauma Awareness

We provide free services to non-profits, schools, and churches to assist with Identifying Risks and Needs of the people they serve. 

Prison Reform

As a Chaplain, Dr. Benton developed a Cognitive Behavioral Trauma-Focused Theory to assist in the efforts of prison reform and to reduce recidivism. 

Specialist Services

Dr. Benton developed a program specifically for victims of sex trafficking called FREE. We are always looking to collaborate with other human trafficking organizations by providing  assistance in mental wellness. 

Meet Dr. Nicole Benton


Holistic Mental Wellness Specialist & Coach

I'm the Founder of Wholistic Wellness, NNK 4 L.I.F.E, Reconciliation Movement and The Helpers Company (THC)

My goal in Wholistic Wellness as an Integrative Mental Health Professional is to provide products and services for the mind, body and spirit. 

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